16 Jan 11 # The Fallacy of Social Media Reciprocation vcfreak

"If you honestly need someone to follow you or friend you on a social network to find self worth or acceptance, it’s really time to re-evaluate your priorities".

From: http://ping.fm/J7xt7

13 Jan 11 # December Surge of Internet Deals Carries Venture Capital to Two-Year High vcfreak

"A wave of Internet deals helped venture funding during the fourth quarter of 2010 reach a two-year high-water mark in both the number of deals and capital invested…"

From: http://ping.fm/KjIya

11 Jan 11 # Social Media Contests: Post-Game Marketing vcfreak

"Plan for the future, and consider the long-term opportunities before you".

From: http://ping.fm/pjTfT

8 Jan 11 # Will Facebook Reign Supreme In 2011? History Says Maybe Not. vcfreak

"The notion that Facebook is not going to continue to be the only game in town may sound a little crazy given that their user base has exceeded 500 million".

From: http://ping.fm/9yZh9

8 Jan 11 # Photo-Mapping Startup Opens API for Location & Photo Features vcfreak

"Mobile photo-sharing app Snapr plots uploaded photos on a map that other users can browse. Its new open API will allow other mobile photo app developers to add location-based features and real-time photo feeds to their own apps".

From: http://ping.fm/qOXj6

7 Jan 11 # Facebook Ranks Fastest For The Third Quarter In A Row vcfreak

"For the third quarter in a row, Facebook’s home page loaded faster than that of any of the other major social networks. However, the site only comes in fourth place for availability".

From: http://ping.fm/eULDD

7 Jan 11 # Why Social Media Practices Are Like Football vcfreak

"Analysts can derive actionable insights from data and feed those back to teams, and even IT can evolve their operations to support more fluid internal communication networks".

From: http://ping.fm/Adygo

6 Jan 11 # The Future of TV is Mobile vcfreak

"For years, we’ve had mobile entertainment systems in our cars. What if, though, an accessories company makes a mount where your iPad can slip into it and be piped through your car’s audio system?"

From: http://ping.fm/Eqzfo

6 Jan 11 # The growing number of liquidity options for startups vcfreak

Great Reading: “It is early days for both secondary markets and venture backed exits to PE but both of these are positive trends”.

From: http://ping.fm/PjV9Z

6 Jan 11 # A world view of social media vcfreak

In looking at which industries were talking the most about social media it came as no surprise to find the technology, communications and marketing fields in the top three.

From: http://ping.fm/I4IJl

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